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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Brent was very attentive to our needs and very professional during the selling process. I would highly recommend using Brent as your representative selling your property. He went above his duties to ensure that I received all credits due to me regarding my utilities too! Thanks again Brent for helping us sell our home!

Brent was super patient & never pressured us in any direction. We utilized his services to purchase our new home as well. We could not have asked for a better experience.

When we bought our condo, we worked with Brent Drouin at Century 21 and had a very good and efficient experience. We were able to quickly evaluate the options and made the perfect choice for us. After years of enjoyment, our family was ready to move on and we reached out to Brent. He came to visit us that day, had photos taken the next day and had the condo listed shortly there after. Next thing I knew I had an email from docusign with a full price purchase agreement - I thought, how can that be. Called Brent, he had done two video walk-throughs with the buyer that day and got them to signature. And I don't think we under-priced, I think he optimized the deal right out of the gate. What more could you want. He then coordinated getting the inspection items cleaned up and the close. All pretty painless, particularly since this was a second home hours from where we live. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. While I don't have experience with other realtors in Lincoln market, I'm very confident that we made the right choice in working with Brent.

Brent is tied in well with the Lincoln NH market. He excels in handling the higher end homes and is without competition in the higher end market in terms of knowledge, ability and connecting buyers and sellers.

Really cant say enough (good things) about Brent. He is extremely knowledgeable on the market and guided us through the different considerations we should be thinking about. This purchase was a vacation home for us and he did a great job navigating the purchasing process with us. But I would say most importantly, its the long term relationship focus he brings. He is there for us in any way now and going forward... that will live long after the home purchase transaction. He gives you piece of mind and takes care of you through and through. I would highly recommend him if you’re interested in purchasing or selling in the Lincoln NH area and beyond.

When we bought 4 years ago, Brent was one of the seller agents who showed us a listing we didn't end up buying. In that meeting I was impressed by his knowledge of the White Mountains area and ESPECIALLY that for the second home market. To us this was the key factor in listing our home with him. He was the consummate pro throughout the process. He did an awesome job setting expectations with us and mediating between us and the buyers. We had some challenges where Brent did a great job alleviating some of the potential adverse impact on the transaction. We had high expectations, and Brent was able to exceed them. I highly recommend Brent Drouin to anyone looking to list their home, or purchase one, in the White Mountains. 

Brent Drouin is a local resident with in-depth knowledge of the market and town. He’s extremely professional and great to work with. We listed with him and had a signed contract within two weeks. Overall it was an excellent experience and I highly recommend him.

Brent is the consummate real estate professional in this area. He understands it better than anyone I have met. He understands the buyers and sellers and works smoothly with both.

Extremely knowledgeable of the area and people to contact for service and support following the sale.

Brent is the ultimate professional and I highly recommend him to anybody who is in need of real estate services

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